Founding member and Director (created in August 2000)
"Minuit Moins Dix" (Ten To Midnight) evokes a playful universe of action and adventure in which fictional worlds can become reality through careful preparation and organisation. Educated in Plastic arts and passionate about games, Frédéric also trained as a group leader for mountain expeditions for adventure tourism. The fusion of his hobbies and his professional experience inspired him to create a series of adventure games specifically designed for corporate events and team-building. His ideas have now evolved into a reality and continue to grow with the development of Minuit Moins Dix.


Artistic Director
Mark studied dramatic art in England and became a professional actor. In 1996 he left Dorset for France where his theatrical career continued to evolve. He also collaborated with an international games company to nourish his passion for the universe of games. His sense of staging, his leadership skills and his understanding of strategic business issues are an invaluable asset to the originality of our products. His British origins assure a perfect adaptation of our products for our English speaking clients. Would you like to express your acting talents in our adventure games? Contact Mark today by e-mail.


Graphic Designer
Freelance graphic designer and photographer, Anne designs all the documents for our games (road books, clues, mission sheets, etc…). Her familiarity with our game concepts, her imagination and her artistic talents allow her to develop exciting and coherent graphics for our products as well as for our company image (logo, internet design, graphical chart). She is also responsible for the photos that are found on our web site and commercial documents. Her photographic skills are available for your events.


Computer expert and Biospherical analyst, Eric ensures all the hi-tech multimedia tools used in our adventure games. Always present behind the scenes, he brings a technological interactivity to our products that will give your participants an unforgettable experience: cyber-tracking, computer codes, 3D vision, satellite control, virtual voyage, atmospheric sound, etc.


Professional actors
Made up of professional improvisation actors from all over the world, our team of artists interpret fictional characters whose role is to bring our games to life and lead the players through their adventure. Specifically trained on our products by Minuit Moins Dix, our actors have a clear understanding of company issues and are able to adapt their multiple talents to serve your events. The international dimension of the troupe allows us to easily offer our products in French and in English as well as other languages when needed.

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